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H2O Designs Inc.

Outdoor Living Design & Installation / Pond Installation & Maintenance

Serving Danville, Versailles & Central Kentucky (KY) Area

Outdoor Living & Pond Services

H2O Designs provides unique pond & outdoor living designs for Danville, Versailles & surrounding Central Kentucky areas. Our dedication to customer service and creative designs sets us apart from other professionals. We provide complete outdoor living area design & installation services along with the most comprehensive Pond & Water Feature installation & maintenance services in Central Kentucky. 

Your paradise is our Passion!!
Our motto says it all. Creating beautiful & usable outdoor living areas is our passion. Whether it be a simple patio or a gorgeous backyard oasis complete with KOI pond, fire pit & outdoor kitchen, every project is approached with the same enthusiasm and dedication to create your families perfect backyard paradise.

Visit our outdoor living design center, located in Nicholasville, KY, for samples of our work. We also have one of the most comprehensive pond & water feature supplies store in central Kentucky. Services/Products offered - Ponds, Pondless waterfalls, landscape fountains, pond maintenance, outdoor living designs & installations, patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pit areas, outdoor fireplaces, grills & grilling accessories, pond and water feature products including fish & plants..

Services Pages

Pond Maintenance

Fish-KOI Pond Maintenance - Lexington & Central KY

Spring Pond Cleaning- Lexington & Nicholasville KY

Fish-KOI Pond Algae Control

Pond Leak Repair

Pond Renovation-Repair

Spring Pond Cleaning - Danville, Lawrenceburg & Harrodsburg KY

Spring Pond Cleaning - Frankfort, Versailles & Georgetown KY

Spring Pond Cleaning - Winchester, Richmond & Berea KY

Spring Pond Cleaning - Somerset, London & Corbin KY

Spring Pond Cleaning - Crestwood, Simpsonville & Shelbyville KY

Spring Pond Cleaning - Jeffersonville, Shepherdsville, & Mt Washington KY

Fish-KOI Pond Maintenance - Danville, Lawrenceburg & Harrodsburg KY

Fish-KOI Pond Maintenance - Frankfort, Versailles & Georgetown KY

Fish-KOI Pond Maintenance - Winchester, Richmond & Berea KY

Fish-KOI Pond Maintenance - Somerset, London & Corbin KY

Fish-KOI Pond Maintenance - Crestwood, Simpsonville & Shelbyville KY

Fish-KOI Pond Maintenance - Jeffersonville, Shepherdsville & Mt Washington KY

Our Services

Below is our listed services.

H2O Designs Inc.

H2O Designs Inc.

10 Greystone Dr

Nicholasville 40356

Contact Or Call (859) 339-6655

Services Pages


123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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Our Laurel County (KY) Landscape, Garden & Pond supply Members are passionate about supplying their customers with the highest quality supplies and advice so they can create the perfect landscape, garden, deck or water feature for your Kentucky backyard. Their professionalism and belief in customer service combined with an unbridled passion for outdoor projects allows them to assist their customers in turning their dreams into reality. If you’re considering doing an outdoor project yourself in the Laurel County (KY) area you should consider chosing a supply business listed on this page.

Finding a destination garden center in Laurel County (KY) offering creative solutions and unique products for your garden and outdoor living spaces is a true find. Full service garden centers offer trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, annuals, herbs, and mulch by the bag or in bulk. They also may carry a full line of chemicals, fertilizers and insecticides for the care and keeping of your landscape.

Beautiful living environments are all about a celebration of nature, sustainability, and health. Garden centers listed in the Laurel County (KY) network offer some or all of the following services

Trees & Shrubs
Whether you’re planting fragrant flowering shrubs or opting for a living wall made of carefree evergreens, shrubs and bushes are the standout plantings in any garden. From cotton candy-colored hydrangeas to butterfly-enticing buddleia (aptly named butterfly bushes), you can add color, style and visual interest to your garden and enjoy it year after year. Design theme plantings and garden accents around the centerpiece of majestic trees and shrubs and enjoy its ever-increasing beauty for many seasons to come.

Roses & Perennials
Perennial plants provide pollen, nectar, seeds and nesting material for birds and butterflies. Perennial groundcovers can reduce soil erosion and create interest in pathways, on slopes, along roadsides and ditches. Naturally, the greatest advantage that perennials have is that they come back year-after-year.

Annuals & Herbs
Annual flowers can provide a constant source of cut flowers throughout the growing season. They can fill areas in the flower border where other plants such as perennials have died back, leaving a glaring gap.

Rock & Gravel
Rocks are great at suffocating weeds and show a better success rate at weed-prevention than mulch. Stone cover is perfect for low-water gardens and landscapes. However, stones aren't the perfect solution for gardens that may get a lot of sun because they can hold more heat than mulch.

Mulch & Topsoil
Mulch helps improve soil moisture and prevents plants from drying out too quickly. Mulch helps reduce soil erosion and soil compaction. Mulch helps maintain optimal soil temperatures by creating a barrier from the heat and cold.

Pond & Water Garden Supplies

Have a backyard paradise or looking to create one? Our Pond Supply Stores have the knowledge and products to make you successful at building, maintaining and enjoying your water gardens, koi and fish ponds, water features and pondless waterfalls.

Pond Water Treatments

Pond water treatments are designed to break down excess nutrients and fish waste, eliminate muck, and remove debris from rocks and gravel. Find pond treatment solutions including water conditioners, beneficial bacteria additives, natural barley products, and more at our Pond Supply Store Members.

Pond Plants 

Plants absorb nutrients in the water from fish waste and reduces nutrient availability slowing algae blooms. Shade and protection for fish. Plants can provide a hiding place for fish from predators both above and below the water.

Descendants of the common carp, koi excellent pond fish and are made for outdoor living. They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and are very hardy fish. The biggest problem with koi is that those cute 5-7″ babies can top out to over 2′! Make sure you have enough room in your pond for those babies to grow into behemoths.

Just like breeds of dogs, there are may breeds of goldfish. The ones that make a good living as outdoor pond fish are the long-bodied, non-fancy varieties, commonly known as comets. Sarasas and shubunkins retain good swimming ability, but are usually overbred. 

Pond Filters & Filtration Supplies

Behind every healthy pond is a a good filter system. Pond filters are essential devices to achieve the perfect water garden system. The purpose a pond filter is to remove algae and debris, such as leaves, waste and other organics from the pond. Keeping the water healthy and clear. Without a filter, ponds are at risk of suffering from water parameter imbalances and algae problems.

You can utilize the map above or the listing grids to locate a business near you. 


East Bernstadt, London, North Corbin, Atlanta, Baldrock, Bernstadt, Billows, Blackwater, Boreing, Brock, Bush, Camp Grounds, Cane Creek, Cornette, Crawford, Cruise, Dorthae, Fariston, Fletcher, Greenmount, Hazel Patch, Hightop, Hopewell, Keavy, Lake, Lamero, Langnau, Laurel River Neighborhood, Lesbas, Lida, Lily, Maplesville, Marydell, McHargue, McWhorter, Mershons, Oakley, Pine Grove, Pittsburg, Sasser, Sublimity City, Symbol, Tuttle, Victory, Vox

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123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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123 Main Street, Town, ST 12345

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Use our outdoor service related sites to locate companies in your local area to find the products and services you are looking for to create your dream backyard.

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