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Pond Water Treatments & Algae Control

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Pond Water Treatments

Pond Water Treatments & Algae Control

From making your Lexington-Central Kentucky backyards look more attractive, to creating a soothing space for you and your loved ones, a pond is certainly a source of pleasure for many. Nevertheless, owning a pond brings with it the duty of keeping it clean and hygienic. It is for this very reason that we would like to introduce you to the best pond water treatments.

Why Is It Important That You Treat Your Lexington-Central KY Pond Water?

There must be a reason that pond owners recommend regular treatment of the water, right? Well, here are two reasons that make pond treatments a must-have.

Clearer and healthier pond water

At H2O Designs we all want our, Lexington-Central Kentucky area, pond water to be crystal clear, right? Well, what a good pond treatment does is break down the excessive organic muck and algae in your pond. Don't worry this muck is present in all ponds and is nothing but the by-product of your fish and its feed. With the muck gone, your pond will experience less cloudiness, and do you know what that equals? Well, a clearer pond!

Along with clarity, the beneficial bacteria will also enhance the overall hygiene of your Lexington-Central Kentucky area pond. By balancing the levels of nitrates and ammonia, the solution will help the little guys in your pond breathe better and also enhance plant growth.

No more frequent filter maintenance

Talking about the breaking down of organic muck, the pond water treatment provides a helping hand to your pond's filter. What this means is that it will break down less frequently and save you the added cost and time required for regular pond maintenance and pond cleaning.


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What Are the Various Types of Pond Treatments?

Pond treatments usually come in two types:

1) Beneficial bacteria
2) Algae control

Let's now look at the characteristics that each type possesses.

Beneficial bacteria

Our poor friend, bacteria, suffers from a negative image among the masses. Trust us when we say that some bacteria are not only beneficial, but integral to lifeform. Well, one such type of beneficial bacteria is found naturally in the rocks and filtration systems in Lexington-Central Kentucky area ponds. However, the levels of this matter are almost never balanced. So, you need to regularly treat your pond to supplement it.

Algae control

As the name suggests, algae control, helps control the levels of algae in your Lexington-Central Kentucky Area pond. While small amounts of algae in a water body are fine, algae in large amounts should be alarming. From causing skin irritation, to causing death to marine life, this toxic matter can prove disastrous for your pond and must be treated. 

It is worth noting, however, that most algaecides themselves are toxic to marine life. So, be sure to read the label and make sure to use the proper dosage for your pond unless you are sure that the treatment is safe for fish and plants.

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