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Spring Pond Maintenance Supplies

Spring Pond Supply Stores

Suggested Spring Pond & Water Feature Maintenance & Cleaning

​Ask Your Local Pond Store For All The Spring Products You Might Need

Spring is here and it’s time to get a little maintenance done on your pond. Allow us to share a little bit of water gardening pond cleaning knowledge with you … the key to a low maintenance water garden is to keep your new ecosystem Pond in balance! Read on and learn how to water garden the low maintenance way. These maintenance tips take little time and effort and can help prevent future problems from arising throughout the pond season. If you’re a pond enthusiast that enjoys performing your own maintenance, stop in your local pond shop to get the products you need for your spring service.

Spring Maintenance Products

To Get Your Pond Off To The Right Start

While there are many conflicting theories on how to start your pond up in the Spring the fact remains that over the fall & winter months there usually is a significant leaf, algae and other debris buildups in your pond. Therefore, for most pond owners a full Pond Drain and Cleanout is in order. Many choose to tackle this task on their own and others choose to hire a professional to handle this task for them. Regardless of whether you perform your own Spring Pond Maintenance or choose to hire a maintenance professional there are certain pond products that you are going to need.
Pond Bacteria – Starting your pond off right in the spring is one of the most important things you can do for your pond. Aquascape Pond Starter Bacteria quickly establishes the biological ecosystem for spring start-up and for new ponds. Safe for fish, plants and animals.

Replacement Filter Mats Bacteria, Water Treatments, & Fish Nets

Filter Mats & Media

The filter media within your pond or water garden is the first thing to look at during your annual spring cleaning. We suggest replacing the filter mats in your filtration systems skimmers or waterfall filters at least every other year, or every year depending on the quality of the mat or media. Ask your local pond store for the right filter media.

Bacteria & Treatments

Adding either liquid or dry powdered beneficial bacteria to your ponds or water gardens is an essential part of the overall health benefits for ponds. Especially ones that have rocks and gravel or plenty of places for the bacteria to colonize, to begin the seeding process to prepare it for the start of the season. Ask you local pond store for the right bacteria.

Fish Nets & Supplies

Cleaning your pond can be the easiest part of your annual spring service. Safely catching your fish can be a daunting task if you’ve never tried this before. Hysterical to watch someone else attempt for sure… but taking specific care to not stress out your large koi catfish, or larger goldfish, requires quality specialty fishnets, ask your local suppliers.

Replacement Water Feature Pumps Lights, Aquatic Plants & Fertilizers

Water Feature Pumps

Water features coming out of a winter slumber almost inevitably will have some issues at some point or other with pumps or plumbing. Ice and frozen temps will cause damage to pumps, that are not removed in colder climates. Sometimes they just give out with age. Either way your local pond shop should have any size pump for your current water feature.

LED Lights & Parts

During your spring service or cleaning is the perfect time to replace burnt out light bulbs or faulty fixtures. This is also a good time to consider adding additional lights in darker areas of your ponds or water features to add to beauty at night. Manufacture’s are improving lighting lines to last longer so make sure you ask your local store which are best.

Plants & Fertilizers

Also during your pond or water garden cleaning is the best time to replace tropical water lilies, and other aquatic plants that are annuals and not perennials. Adding new aquatic soil mixed with fertilizer or, fertilizer tabs will help to start off your aquatics right at the beginning of the season to help them grow fast and strong.

Cleaning Process, Aeration & Holding Tanks, & Suggested Supplies

Cleaning Process

Most ornamental fish ponds will need a proper cleaning at some point or another. Draining and cleaning your pond can be a pain, but knowing the right process to follow can be a time saver. Or learning the actual process and steps and tools needed to properly carry out your cleaning will shed light on how much you need to hire a professional to do it for you.

Aeration & Holding

The holding tanks you use to keep your fish, turtles, frogs, and other pond critters, needs to be sized sufficiently enough to safely house them together. Adding a quality aeration pump to keep oxygen circulating through the water is a must to hold them safely. The longer they are crowded in your holding tank, the more dangerous for them.

Suggested Equipment

Having the right tools for the job is a significant financial investment. Starting out cleaning your own pond for the first time we would suggest actually hiring a professional, and watching how they actually go about cleaning it. Depending on how many guys show up to provide your service will allow you to calculate how long it will take you to accomplish alone.

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