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Paradise Ponds & Waterfalls

Pond & Water Garden Supplies, Filters & Pumps

Serving Atlanta, Alpharetta, Fulton, Duluth & Gwinnett, Georgia (GA)

Pond & Water Garden Supplies

Paradise Ponds & Waterfalls

Pond & Water Garden Supplies


Online Resource For The Water Garden Hobby In The Atlanta, Alpharetta, Fulton, Duluth & Gwinnett, Georgia (GA) area


Purchase your pond supplies directly, in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Fulton, Duluth & Gwinnett, Georgia (GA) areas, we are your Atlanta water garden and koi pond supply source. There are not many pond stores in the Atlanta area to choose from, so save yourself the time of driving all around town, and order direct from us! We have the right products and the experience to guide you with your purchase, and can get it to you quickly!


Whether you’re just thinking about a pond, need Pond installation products, or you’re an avid water gardener that needs water treatments for your water garden, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy water gardening for years to come at PondDepot.com. We install, recommend & use Aquascape Brand Pond and Water Garden products. Aquascape Inc is the largest manufacturer of Pond and Water Garden products in the United States.


Additionally they are the only manufacturer in the business that has an active construction and maintenance department, that supplements their research and development efforts. We have the utmost confidence in Aquascape Inc and stand behind every product we sell. Contact us for more information!


Fish Food, Fish Nets & Fish Care Supplies


Proper pond & koi fish care is a very important part of pond & water garden maintenance. Quality fish foods are made in order to provide your fish with the proper nutrients needed to live a healthy life and are also made to limit pollution in your pond from excess food. There are a few different types of food, depending on the needs of your fish and the season. Color Enhancing fish food will help provide bright colors in your fish, and Cold Water fish food is best used when the temperatures turn colder and the pond water is below 55 degrees. There are also products that may be necessary to keep your fish safe and healthy, things such as predator control, or nets to remove things from the pond, or check your fish. We can help you decide what type of food or products would be best for your situation! We install Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, Fountains, & more. Fill out our Contact Form to learn more about our Pond Supplies and services. 

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