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Chester Hollow Water Gardens

Pond Filters & Installation Supplies

Serving Chester, Rockingham County, New Hampshire - NH

Pond Supplies

About Us

Chester Hollow Water Gardens is a design, installation and maintenance company, specializing in ponds and water features. For any DIY project we recommend Aquascape products for one reason - they simply are the best! You can find all your water feature needs here or at our showroom in Chester, Rockingham County, New Hampshire! We carry an extensive line of Pond Pumps, Water Treatments, Installation Supplies, LED Lighting, Transformers, Connectors and other installation supplies!

Questions? Call us at (603) 887-7874 and let one of our knowledgeable staff help you with picking the right product your water feature! Our you can use our Contact Form to get in touch with us, we will be happy to help with any questiond you may have.


Aquascape LED Lighting System

Why LED lighting? A popular question from our clients for Southern New Hampshire (NH), North Eastern Massachusetts (MA), and Southern parts of Maine (ME) homeowners, is why should we use LED Lighting for our pond or water feature? LED Landscape Lighting only uses about 25% of the energy that of a typical Landscape lighting system. This energy savings over a long period can be substantial. Also LED lights to have a very long lamp life, up to 30-40,000 hours plus. That’s more than 10 times the lamp life of typical bulbs used in outdoor lighting systems. That translates to almost 22 years at 5 hours per day…..WOW!….. Other benefits are LED lights to produce much lower heat, use less cable, and smaller transformers. All this translates to big savings every year in energy and maintenance costs compared to the traditional 12-volt outdoor lighting system.

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